Re-Discover Project

Re-Discover Project

At Kuma Outdoor Gear, we’ve always believed that we could do more in our sustainability journey by finding innovative ways to reduce waste. Through our “Fix It Don’t Replace It” program, we had taken a step in the right direction, but now we are excited to take that next step to reduce our waste impact. That’s why we’re proud to present our latest initiative: The Re-Discover Project.

Repurposed, with our bear hands.

The Why...

First, it’s important to understand the circularity of our product and how it exists during it’s lifetime. Here is our product’s journey...

In collaboration with Earth Warrior, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey of repurposing and rediscovering the potential in products nearing the end of their original purpose. With Katrina’s help, we’ve created sewing patterns that allow us to efficiently and effectively repurpose returned goods, such as chairs, tents and pet products. We’re giving them a new life and “Re-Discovering” how we can continue the circulation of these would-be discarded materials. Our goal is “nothing goes to waste!” Every component of the original item has a purpose. From the straps and buckles to the fabric and stuffing, we recycle or utilize every piece recreating “new” items that our Kuma Kommunity can enjoy and use again.

The Why...

Our Products

ReDiscover Products

Giving Back

Giving Back

Every purchase you make helps support our mission to reduce waste we put out in the world! All proceeds from the Re-Discover Program will be used to expand our program, create new products, and extend our impact worldwide.


Q: Why did Kuma decide to make the items they did for this project?

A: We felt these items would be products that Katrina from Earth Warrior could ensure we are using as much of the material as possible so EVERY part of the chair is being used, but also products that you, our Kuma Kommunity, would find useful! Many places are limiting or eliminating single use plastics and plastic bags specifically which is one of the reasons we started with two variations of tote bags for this project. These totes are a great alternative to traditional plastic grocery bags.

The Treeline Tent Tote is perfect for any adventure. Whether you are strolling through the city streets, heading to the farmer’s market, or embarking on a nature-inspired journey, the upcycled Treeline Tent Tote is the ideal choice for the conscientious consumer who values both style and sustainability. Made with upcycled Kuma tent material and designed to fold up into its integrated tuck away pouch when not in use, this bag is easy to bring along on any adventure!

The Woodland Tote, crafted from repurposed Kuma chairs, embodies a unique and eco-conscious design ensuring there is little to no material waste. With a spacious interior and sturdy construction, it’s your go-to accessory for your next outdoor adventure. Using upcycled Kuma dog leashes, we’ve crafted handles that are sturdy and durable, adding a fun pop of colour! 

The Logger is an eco-friendly solution for transporting firewood. Crafted from upcycled materials, each bag tells a unique story while contributing to a sustainable future. Each bag features a pocket to keep your kindling and lighter close by. With its water resistant fabric, The Logger Carrier Bag makes a great dry base to stack your wood pile on.

Q: Why can’t I pick the colour of my Re-Discover product?

A: What we have in stock for Re-Discover products will depend on what type of end-of-life gear is brought in. Due to the upcycling nature of these products, each individual item will vary in colour and pattern. We have worked with Earth Warrior to ensure the general product design is the same for each item, however, please note that the colours of each tote bag and pockets (if available) will vary depending on the upcycled material being used that day.

Q: The upcycled tote bags and log carriers are made using fabrics from their end-of-life chairs,gazebos/tents and pet products. Where do the rest of the parts of the gear go?

A: The chair outer fabrics and stuffing are all being utilized in the Re-Discover products and we are keeping the smaller hardware aside for possible future upcycling projects. For the larger hardware, like tent poles and steel or aluminum chair frames, we have been recycling all of these with General Recycling Industries in Edmonton, Alberta. We are making sure all the parts are being recirculated or recycled to minimize waste and to contribute to a circular economy.

Q: Where do the proceeds from the sale of these products go?

A: Every purchase you make helps support our mission to reduce the waste we put out in the world! All proceeds from the Re-Discover Project will be used to expand our program, create new products, and extend our impact.

Q: The Re-Discover product I want to purchase is out of stock. When will additional stock be available?

A: Just like we can’t control which style or fabric colour comes in to be upcycled, we also don’t control how often gear that has reached its end-of- life comes in. This means we can’t answer this! We will continuously update our website as more stock arrives but be sure to also follow us on social media where we’ll announce when new gear becomes available.

Q: What happens when you run out of gear to be upcycled?

A: We’re glad you asked, that is our goal! We are constantly looking for ways to improve the life cycle of our products to last as long as possible, reducing overall waste. We know accidents happen, and we love that our Kuma Kommunity is out there using its gear to the fullest. That’s why we’re working on expanding our program to other markets, so that we can collect even more gear to upcycle!

Through programs like our “Fix-It Don’t Replace It” program, our first priority is to help you fix your gear so you can keep using it on all of your outdoor adventures. Eventually though, every piece of outdoor gear gets to the end of its life. At that time in the product’s life cycle, our goal is to re-introduce the usable fabric and parts in these products allowing our Kuma Kommunity to “re-discover” new and exciting ways to use their Kuma products.

Q: Where are the Re-Discover Products Made?

A: Right now, all of the Re-Discover Products are being made by Earth Warrior in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

Q: What if I am not happy with my Re-Discover Product. Can I return it?

A: First, we hope we can offer a product that you are very happy with and feel you are making a difference, however, if that is not the case with your purchase we are happy to hear your concerns at To reduce wasteful product transportation we encourage you to consider using the product or re-gifting your purchase. If there is an issue with an incorrect product shipment please let us know so we can make it right for you.

Q: How does the production of upcycled products contribute to sustainability and why did Kuma choose to start this program with Earth Warrior?

A: Creating initiatives like the Re-Discover Project holds immense importance in the fight against environmental degradation. These programs embody a commitment to responsible consumption and waste reduction, addressing critical issues such as textile waste and the environmental impact of a throw away society. Programs like Re-Discover represent a crucial shift towards a circular economy, emphasizing the importance of reusing, recycling, and upcycling. By encouraging customers to return used items, KUMA is not only reducing the demand for new production of new textiles for some of their products but also minimizing the carbon footprint associated with textile manufacturing.

Such programs foster a sense of responsibility and mindfulness among consumers. They encourage individuals to view their purchases as part of a larger life-cycle, promoting a more sustainable and conscious approach. Engaging in programs such as the Re-Discover initiative enables both businesses and consumers to collaboratively contribute to conserving Earth’s resources and preserving our natural ecosystems. It reflects a commitment to harmonizing human activities with the natural world, ultimately paving the way for a more regenerative and Earth-friendly future.

Q: Do the upcycled products come with a warranty or guarantee?

A: Because of the nature of the products being, second-hand use, we can not offer a warranty on these products, but we are confident that you will be more than happy with the product, and you will feel great about making a difference.

Q: How can I be sure the products I am purchasing are high quality?

A: Katrina from Earth Warrior, is a very experienced seamstress. With years of learning how to take used materials and make them into something else, extending the circularity of a product is her forte. You can rest assured her attention to detail and craftsmanship will be exceptional.

Q: How do I take care of my upcycled product, making sure that it lasts as long as possible?

A: We recommend you treat our Re-Discovery products like you would your chair, wash or wipe by hand to remove any soiling. We don’t recommend the use of heavy detergents or machine washing or drying your products.