Re-Discover Project Update

Re-Discover Project

Since the start of our Re-Discover Project launch four months ago, we are proud to announce that we have already diverted over 285 lbs of textile waste from landfills! 

In collaboration with Earth Warrior, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey of repurposing and rediscovering the potential in products nearing the end of their original purpose. With Katrina’s help, we’ve created sewing patterns that allow us to efficiently and effectively repurpose returned goods, such as chairs, tents and pet products. We’re giving them a new life and “Re-Discovering” how we can continue the circulation of these would-be discarded materials. Our goal is “nothing goes to waste!” Every component of the original item has a purpose. From the straps and buckles to the fabric and stuffing, we recycle or utilize every piece recreating “new” items that our Kuma Kommunity can enjoy and use again.

Not familiar with our Re-Discover Project? You can learn more HERE. 

Exciting new update

This Earth Day, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Lordco Auto Parts for our upcycling initiative. Lordco, originally from BC, has grown to over 90 locations across BC and Alberta, and is renowned for quality auto parts, outdoor gear and a strong focus on customer service.

Why are we excited to have them a part of our Re-Discover Project?

Why are we excited to have them on board for our Re-discover Project? With one centralized distribution center, two regional hubs, and a 500-vehicle strong delivery fleet, Lordco helps solve a key challenge: transporting end-of-life Kuma products back to Katrina in Edmonton, Alberta, while minimizing carbon emissions. Thanks to Lordco’s network, we can now collect gear not just in Alberta, but also in BC. This will help us divert even more waste from landfills! 

Re-Discover Project by Kuma Outdoor Gear

How you can help

Upcycling programs play a crucial role in the outdoor and camping industry by promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Initiatives like the Re-Discover Project help divert waste from landfills by repurposing materials into new, functional products, thus conserving resources and lowering carbon emissions. By supporting upcycling efforts, outdoor enthusiasts can contribute to a greener future while enjoying high-quality gear. If you’re interested in shopping for these upcycled products, check out our selection HERE.

Happy Earth Day! 

- The Kuma Team

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