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Mini-Tonquin Sleeping Bag
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∙› Fill Weight: 4 lb. Hollow Fiber
∙› Single Layer Stitching
∙› Outer Material: 190T Polyester
∙› Inside Lining: Microfiber Polyester
∙› Stuff Sack Material: 190T Polyester

Outer Color
Black/Dark Grey

Liner Color
Red/Black Plaid Pattern

Stuff Sack Size: 15" x 8"


Width: 28.00 in
Height: 70.00 in
Weight: 3.50 lbs

Product FAQs

Q: What is the temperature rating?

A: -3°C / 26.6°F


Q: How do I clean my sleeping bag?

A: How To Wash:
Most sleeping bags can be machine washed, as long as a front-loading washer (or top-loading machine without an agitator) is used. Keep in mind that some home front-loaders tend to be small and energy-efficient, and may not give your bag enough room to tumble and clean thoroughly. Wash on the gentle cycle in warm (or cold) water with an appropriate soap, use as little as possible to avoid over-sudsing. You may need to do a second “rinse & spin” cycle to remove all the soap.

How To Dry:
Set the dryer on low heat. Machine heat varies, so check often. If it’s too hot, the fabric or even the synthetic fill can melt. When a down bag is nearly dry, add two or three clean tennis balls to the dryer, this will help break up any clumps of down as it spins and will help restore the loft. Make sure your bag is thoroughly dry before placing it in its storage bag.