It’s a double Lazy Bear Heated Chair! Stay warm together in this two seater! Equipped with two separate Bluetooth™ buttons, two ADDHEAT Control Systems and two stem glass holders on either side.  Adjust your seats independently so you can enjoy the heat you desire. Rated for 500 lbs.

∙› Durable 600D polyester
∙› Dual independent heated seats
∙› LED lit Bluetooth™ and manual use button
∙› Sturdy 3/4” black tube frame
∙› Stabilizer feet
∙› Padded back & arm rests
∙› 2 Stem glass holders
∙› 2 Beverage holders
∙› Dual independent heated seats
∙› Two - 10,000mAh USB-C Power Bank included
∙› Carry bag included

Color: Red/Black, Heather Grey, Sierra/Black
Seat Height: 16”



Width: 59
Height: 38.5
Depth: 24
Weight: 22

Product FAQs

Where does the chair heat up?

The chair heats up in two 84 square inch areas on each seat of the chair, try pairing it with our Kuma Kamp Blanket to really take advantage of the warmth!

How how long does the heat last?

With three different temperature settings the heating time can vary depending on your setting. Chairs used on high will last 2 hours, medium for 4 hours, and low will last 6 hours.

How long does the battery take to charge?

Plan to have your battery charging for 10 hours, using the cord provided. Charging times can varry depending on what source you are plugging your battery into and length of charging cable used (longer cords=longer charge time).

How should I store my heated chair?

Do not store the chair with the battery plugged in, keep unplugged when not in use!

If your chair is left in the sun repeatedly it will fade. As we are becoming more environmentally conscious, we have opted not to apply any colourfast additive to the fabric as it harms the environment. If you wish to leave your gear outside, we do carry chair covers that can easily be placed over your chairs to protect them.

Whats the best way to clean my chair?

Step 1: Brush off all dirt and debris that may have accumulated on your chair.

Step 2: Wipe down the fabric and the frame of the chair with a damp (but not soaking) cloth, using a mild detergent and warm water mixture. 

Step 3: For stubborn dirt spots and stains, scrub the area with a mild detergent using a soft bristle brush.

Step 4: Wipe soap residue away using a damp cloth and warm water. 

Step 5: Leave the chair open to dry completely before packing it back up.