We’ve all heard of life hacks – for example, if you don’t want cheesy/crumby fingers but you do want a delectable bag of chips, just cut the edges off of the top of your bag of chips to create little finger gloves – seriously! It’s easy, free, and convenient!

With that delightful convenience in mind, we thought we’d share a few ‘camping hacks’ to enjoy while experiencing the beauty of the great outdoors. 

Planning a camping trip, like any other vacation, is full of logistics and planning. From wrangling all of your folding chairs into your vehicle to finding the perfect campsite to coordinating mealtime – there’s a lot to consider! 

Luckily, the Kuma team has got decades of camping experience to draw from. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or new to the camping scene, these camping hacks will enhance your experience, make planning much easier, and make your time in nature even more enjoyable.

campsite Setup Hacks

Once you’ve chosen your campsite, it’s time to set up your new spot. A well-organised and comfortable campsite can make a world of difference for your camping experience. Let’s go over some camping hacks for the perfect campsite setup:

Kuma Bear Den Gazebo

Optimal Tent Setup

Ahead of your trip, keep an eye on the weather conditions and try and familiarize yourself with the terrain of the area as much as possible. 

When you arrive at your campground, choose a campsite that is level and elevated to avoid water pooling issues in case of rain. Use natural features like trees and shrubbery for shade and protection against the wind. 

If you’re new to the tenting scene, be sure to do a test run at home before getting to the campsite!

Woman on camping kitchen

Camp Kitchen Setup

When it comes to meal prep, be sure to set up a dedicated cooking area with a camping stove or fire pit. 

Use a sturdy table or flat surface (like our Bear Necessity’s Table or our Big Bear Table) for food prep. Additionally, consider investing in portable kitchen organizers, like our Busy Bear Camp Kitchen, or storage bins to keep utensils, cookware, and ingredients organized. 

Bring a water filtration tool or capsule with you as well as an empty water jug to ensure you have safe water on hand to use for washing and drinking.

Rainy-Day Living Area

It’s inevitable that you’ll run into a little rain on your travels – and sitting around in your tent can get a little cramped! 

Set up a rain fly over your designated ‘living area’, like a nearby picnic table or your fire ring/pit. Our Bear Den Gazebo is also a perfect rainy-day shelter, and it can fit a picnic table! 

KUMA Privacy shelter

Restroom Hacks

Sometimes camping can make using the restroom a little bit more of a journey – and a shower isn’t always readily accessible. 

Instead of relying on an out-of-the-way outhouse or sketchy shower availability, consider investing in a handy privacy shelter like our Peaks Privacy Shelter. Complete with windows, ceiling vent, drain grommet, and shower mount – this water closet will revolutionize your camp washroom experience!

If you do find yourself leaving your camping spot at night – or you just want some extra lighting around the fire pit – create your very own fantasy-style lantern! Simply strap a headlamp (facing inward) to a gallon jug of water and take it with you on your trek!

Kitchen and Mealtime Hacks

Whether you’re camping for a day or two or a week – we recommend meal prepping as much as possible before you go! Here are some of our favourite hacks for meals:

  • Fancy some flapjacks and eggs? No problem! Purchase some reusable squeeze bottles (think classic ketchup bottles, like these ones from Amazon) and put mixed pancake batter and/or eggs in your bottles for a quick and easy breakfast (or dinner!).
  • Pack an easy-grab essentials cooler! Keep high-use items like butter or margarine, condiments, cream/milk, and bread stored in your cooler for quick access.
  • Wherever possible, meal-prep at home before heading to your campsite! Take Kuma Kitchen’s Pulled Pork & BBQ Sauce recipe as an example – the bulk of this recipe is meant to be prepared at home ahead of time, and the campsite work is simply a bit of veggie prep, heating, and serving!

  • Before your trip, take a cotton makeup remover pad and dip them in melted candle wax to create mini, compact firestarters! Simply rough up the cotton fibres before lighting and presto – you’ve got flame!
  • Bring reusable storage containers for leftovers, compost, and half-used ingredients!

Want to ensure your cookware remains rust-free? Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry your pots, pans, and other accessories before storing – and then toss in a silica gel packet! You know, those things you always throw in the garbage after getting a new pair of shoes? They’re great for absorbing moisture.

Storage Hacks

Store things like toiletries, cooking items, clothes, and beach towels together so that it’s easy to grab what you need without pulling everything out!

Campfire Hacks

Want to keep mosquitos out of your atmosphere? Burn sage! Mosquitos hate the smell of sage, and a nice plume of sage smoke will keep them at bay.

Tostitos and corn chips make great kindling – keep some on hand just in case you’ve got a stubborn fire or no traditional kindling!

Bring a backup cooking source! While the goal may be to keep things simple and cook over the fire – a backup stove like our Deluxe 2-Burner Propane Stove is just the trick for a rainy day!

Keep Camping Easy!

The idea behind this is to highlight that camping doesn’t have to be rough and rugged in the middle of the wilderness, far from any standard comforts! 

We believe camping can be for anyone, and we don’t think there is one true or ‘right’ way to do it – use whatever camping hacks help you get out and explore nature!

Bonus tip: Do as much prep as you can at home before hitting the road. The less legwork you have to do to set up your campsite, the better!

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