The trees have changed colour and morning frost now coats the grass. Fall may be in full swing, but this doesn’t mean camping has to go!

Many people begin packing away their camping equipment at first sight of cool weather. Still, the reality is that cool-season camping is just as possible as camping during those hot summer months. Each comes with its own method of preparedness!

From a heated portable camping chair to the best camping blanket, let’s dive into how you can keep the body warm and snug on those chilly camping nights.

Campers warming up

Use a Propane Fire Pit

It’s not camping without a campfire. Luckily, fires are perfect for keeping warm in the winter. You can chop up some wood and gather around the fire, depending on the conditions. 

However, if there’s snow on the ground and all the wood is wet, we like to rely on a propane fire pit. It’s reliable and can be used anytime, even during fire bans.

Winter Sleeping Bag

You’ll want a much heavier sleeping bag to accommodate cooler weather. Our Jasper Sleeping Bag is ideal for three-season camping and can accommodate temperatures up to -12°C. Inside, the lining is made of 100% cotton flannel for a comfortable sleep even in the late fall.

Sit in a Heated Portable Camping Chair

Even when you’re sitting around a fire and wrapped in a blanket, you can still feel the chill creep toward your back and bottom. Luckily, a heated seat is entirely possible while camping! 

Our Lazy Bear Heated Chair heats anywhere from 38 to 55°C. Equipped with a portable battery, you can take the chair wherever you go. If there are a few cold bodies around, cuddle up in our two-person Bear Buddy Heated Chair.

Use a Portable Heater

Small heaters can go a long way in keeping your trailer, camper, RV, or tent warm. 

Even if you have a heating system already working, a portable heater can help quickly heat small spaces. 

Travel mug

Note: Always exhibit caution with heaters. Ensure they’re resting on a flat and heat proof surface and kept away from flammable objects.

Sip Hot Drinks

Heating the body internally can go a long way in making yourself feel warm. Hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are ideal anytime while camping!  Our Travel Mug makes having these hot treats readily available super easy - and serves as a great hand-warmer too!

Fill a Hot Water Bottle

When the chill is heavy in the air, the jolt from removing your outer clothes to getting in your sleeping bag can be shocking and unpleasant. 

Ensure your sleeping bag is toasty and ready for you by filling a hot water bottle before bed. Boil some water and fill the water bottle just before you head to sleep. Place it in your sleeping bag while you get ready for bed, and by the time you’re ready to snuggle in, you’ll feel nothing but warm and cozy as you drift off to sleep. 

Wear a Toque

An estimated 40-45% of body heat is lost through the head and neck. Make an effort to keep your head covered throughout the day and wear warm, dry sweaters and gloves. 

When you’re going to bed, wearing a crewneck, socks, and a toque will go a long way in keeping the whole body warm throughout the night.

Bonus - our toques, caps, crewnecks, and other apparel are available to shop online!

Use Hand Warmers

Hands and feet are often the first parts of the body to feel cold - not pleasant! Add hand and foot warmers to your camping kit. Open them up and put them inside your boots and gloves when you need some added warmth during the day.

Enjoy the Best Camping BlanketKuma Kamp Blanket

The second you stop moving, you generate less body heat. While you can’t spend all day up and moving around, you want to make sure you retain your body heat while sitting down. 

Our Lumberjack Sherpa Throw or Kuma Kamp Blanket are some of the best camping blankets to bring. Wear it while sitting down and lay it on top of (or inside) your sleeping bag before bed.

Keep Moving

When outdoors in the cold, it’s always a good idea to keep the body moving. While it may be tempting to curl up under a blanket to try and warm up, the best way to quickly heat up the body is to get your blood pumping. So go for a walk with your hot drink and get your body working!

Rethink Cold Camping

Many people associate camping only as a summer and warm weather activity. 

In reality, there are plenty of ways to keep the body warm while enjoying the great outdoors. By preparing for cold camping effectively, you can make some of the best camping memories during the off-season. There’s a quietness and peace that only winter and cool-season camping can offer!

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