Picture this: it’s a chilly March evening. A westerly wind is blowing in the gentle promises of Spring and Summer, and we’re gathered around a fire swapping ghost stories. We’re sharing a hot tumbler of tea, you’re as cozy as could be in your heated camping chair, and tomorrow is a new adventure - and the weather’s going to be gorgeous. 

Pure bliss. 

heating camping chair and hot tumbler

Sounds amazing, right? We thought so. The best part of this idyllic scenario is that it’s accessible for anyone, from the newest of new campers to seasoned veterans. 

We think that the great outdoors is for everyone, and products that elevate the experience by helping with comfort, efficiency, and ease of use make it that much more enjoyable. That’s what we’re all about here at Kuma Outdoor Gear - and we’re pumped to start spreading the news. 

Who We Are

We’re Kuma Outdoor Gear. The word kuma translates to bear - which is fitting considering our vision and company were borne from the rugged, mountainous landscape of Jasper, Alberta and home to hundreds of Black and Grizzly Bears. 

Outdoor life is second nature to us, and before Kuma became what it was today, our founders enjoyed all that the Rockies had to offer: climbing, skiing, biking, and camping - to name a few. It’s a way of life, and it was only natural that Jasper’s beauty inspired us to encourage others to embrace the outdoors as well. 

Proudly designed in Canada, our products are made for everyone from the novice to the seasoned outdoor enthusiast. Look, no matter how experienced you are, no one wants to be uncomfortable while trying to enjoy a camping trip. Feeling too hot or too cold is a job for Goldilocks. 

It goes deeper than that, though - it’s more than just the bare minimum. We want our kommunity to be just as comfortable outdoors as they are indoors. That’s why our products focus on portable luxury outdoor furniture that you can take with you wherever you go. 

Our Products

Our product selection grows every year, and innovation runs rampant within our team. We focus on outdoor furniture, tents, travel games, sleeping bags, drinkware, and pet comfort. On the subject of pets - chances are if you’re living that RV life, your dog is right there with you. From leashes and portable water bowls to luxe pet beds - we’ve got your pooch covered. 

Lazy bear dog chairs

For example, check out our super comfy Lazy Bear Dog Bed. A comfortable carbon copy of our Lazy Bear Chairs, your furry friend now has their own personal perch. No more playing musical chairs, and your dog can take part in campfire songs too. What a treat for your neighbours. Bonus, the Lazy Bear Dog Bed comes complete with a removable pillow and mesh bottom. Easy to clean for those inevitable accidents. 

Why We’re Blogging

We want to spread the good word that camping is accessible and fun for all, without boundaries or apprehension. You should feel as comfortable outdoors as you do indoors, and it’s our intention to show you how!

We want to share stories about what makes us tick, campfire-friendly recipes, best camping gear roundups, product reviews, tips, advice, and funny anecdotes. Most importantly, we want to take our philosophy of the outdoors and communicate it in a way that takes our readers from the ‘it’s not for me’ mindset to the ‘how can I get started’ mindset!

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